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"Pig Roasting, the Hottest Idea for Your Wedding, Graduation,
Family Reunion, Party, or Business Event!"

Pig Roasting

Pig Roast, Westerville, OH - Roast a Pig for Your Big Event

Having a wedding reception or rehearsal, corporate event, graduation, tailgate party, Greek party, birthday party, anniversary party, bachelor party or any event formal or informal?  Then you want our unique service for an unforgettable and outstanding impression!  Hog roasting is fast becoming the most fun and economical way to cater an event. Your guests will be greeted by a mouth watering, smoky southern style BBQ smell.

Providing the best whole pig roast for your big event, wedding, graduation, family reunion. We use only the finest pigs, USDA butchered from our farm or our butcher's.  They are pasture raised and feed a seasonal variety diet.  All pigs are seasoned with a southern style rub, our award winning secret recipe. They are wrapped in foil then wood fired and slowly roasted 8-12 hours, until the meat is falling of the bones. We only roast over hickory, cherry, apple, and sugar maple hardwoods creating a fabulous sent and a to die for flavor!

The hog is complimented with a variety of up to 6 of our house blend barbecue sauces: Chicago Sweet, Original, Hickory, Southern Style, Smokey, and Old Fashioned. Buns plates and napkins are also included.

  • We offer an onsite roasting service with your choice of a pit or spit style trailer (based on availability.)
  • We offer a delivery package.  We bring the whole hog to your event and pull the meat for your guests.
  • We offer line buffet setup or full service catering.
  • We offer delicious side dishes that perfectly compliment our barbecue. The 4 sides included are famous cheesy potatoes, BBQ style baked beans, mini corn muffins, and cole slaw. Additional side options available upon request.
  • We offer meat alternatives including but not limited to smoked turkey, chicken, ribs or brisket.

Pig roasting has become central Ohio's hot party idea. Don't miss out, call to get information and to schedule your event today!  The busy wedding and graduation seasons fill up fast.
Call 614-933-0578. Prices based on market price. Off season rates available Nov 1st - March 1st.  *Fee applied to any cancelation*

  • Wood fired USDA butchered Pigs from either our farm or our butchers.
  • All pigs are pasture-raised!- This really makes a difference in final taste of Meat!
  • All pigs are seasoned southern rub style (OUR SECRET AWARD WINNING RECIPE!), wrapped in foil and wire, wood fired and slow roasted for average of 12 hours at low temp, slowly rising to final blaze!
  • Served with spicy and regular barbeque sauce, buns, sides, deserts and more!
  • We offer on or off-site service Using your choice of either our pit or *spit style trailer!
  • Have a Tailgating party, Wedding reception, graduation party, Greek Party, or any other formal or informal gathering or party using our unique service with awesome effect!
  • Smoky Southern Barbeque smells fill the air! Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Sugar maple hardwoods leave such a fabulous Scent!
  • Great conversation starter!

*Graduation party Special!

  • Up to 100 lb. young pig,buns, spicy/regular sauce, plus delivery and simple serving service. *includes basic meat pulling and assistance with pig $599 plus tax within delivery area *(call to confirm your area is included!)
  • Sour cream and cheese potatoes, barbequed baked beans, cole salw and corn bread included as a package
    $999 plus tax
  • This service is unique in that we bring whole precooked pig right to your party piping hot and ready for us to assist you in serving.
  • Get the effect without all the onsite charges.
  • Advance scheduling really helps! especially during busy season!
  • Side, deserts and varying ranges of light duty to full duty service available.


Give us a call and compare- Hard to beat prices for Top quality catering!
Tons of References! This is fast becoming one of Central Ohio's Hot Party Ideas!
Roasting Pigs also available, young pigs, suckling pigs- alive or slaughtered
through USDA butcher. Need a pig to fatten out? We got em!

Don't delay- call and schedule your party today!